About Us

Bill Turney bought his first CNC router in 1999 as an addition to his light manufacturing business, and has since helped countless business’s design and manufacture displays, molds, custom kitchens, audio equipment and even soap box racers, go karts and back-hoe kits. He has since taken his passion for mechanical design and problem solving to a more personal level. Frustrated with trying to learn Neil Young and John Prine songs on his acoustic guitar, “I just couldn’t find enough time to keep my fingers toughened up for playing or time to practice” and came upon a travel/practise guitar at a guitar shop, bought it, and quickly realized it didn’t work very well, if at all! and thought, “I can do better than this!”. Three years, and a dozen incarnations later the “assassin” was perfected and ready to be shared.

His son Jake has since taken an interest in the guitar manufacturing business, and works alongside his dad to build these handmade guitars. The CNC process aids in accuracy and consistency, but a lot personal care and attention goes into each guitar to produce the high quality instrument that it is. The bamboo offers a unique look, feel, and is an acoustically friendly material.

If you would like the opportunity to practice at lunch, school or on business trips, this guitar fits perfectly into a locker, back seat or pack, and who knows, over a couple lunch hours maybe you, will finally master “Layla!”    

Enjoy,   Bill Turney